Our Story


The aesthetic concept of Preti

Preti means to bring everyone an exceptional jewelries and lifestyle that full of artistice and unique elements.

We believe an "Art Jewelry" should contain a professional artistic interpretation, as well as the superb and delicated know-how 

that can fully presents the real asthetic of each art pieces. 

We were deeply addicted in the essense of Rinascimento italiano, Bohemian, Baroque, Art deco 

and these are the elements that you can find in Preti's collections. 



Preti's Story

Preti is a Macau based designer jewelry brand that founded by two jewelry and art enthusiasts who working in jewelry industry for more than ten years and established Preti Jewelry in 2018. 

We attained various professional jewelry certication such as Gem-A, GIA Diamond, GIA Pearl, GUILD, Gübelin, HKIG.

We travelled around the world and inspired by all the artistic element throughout the journey, museums, galleries, paintings, art works became our inspiration for the jewelry design and we want to share with our friends an unique jewelry experience that filled with art and exceptional craftsmanship.