Diamonds Bracelet
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L’ Atelier de La Vôtre – Diamonds Bracelet · Redesign and Sharing

Thank you for the trust and love to Preti. ️

In addition to collect Preti's jewelry,

This time she brought us a diamond bracelet that had been at home for a long time.

It was a meaningful bracelet, because it was a piece of jewelry that her mother had given her when she first started her career.

She rarely wears them because they are more traditional.

Until she met Preti, she wanted to keep this special feeling going,

Design jewelry that suits your taste and can be worn from time to time.

After talking, the Preti team went from careful analysis, design, drawing, making,

Re-endow the bracelet with the second life.

Time passes, but good jewelry design can be treasured forever.

Unique design style and exquisite jewelry craft,

Become a unique piece of art jewelry suitable for daily wear.

This is what Preti has always been about.