Jade and Diamond Ring
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L’ Atelier de La Vôtre --  Jade Pendant  ·  Redesign and Sharing

【 Inheritance of love 】

May our jewels be worn often. It's a memory of many good feelings.

Thank you for your professional trust in Preti. 

In addition to owning a number of Preti series,

This time, she gave us a jade and ring left by her mother for design and transformation.

She always impresses people with her gentle and polite manner.

Every time with quite knowledgeable she chat exchange always can learn a lot.

This oval jade, having had no chance to find a suitable jewelry designer to design it,

So it has been placed in cabinets and barrels.

Until she met Preti. I was finally able to combine my ideas with Preti's aesthetic ideas,

Blend your mother's love into your jewelry. Let the most warm emotion,

Through the professional jewelry design of Preti, 

it will be treasured forever and protect the beauty of this life.

Thank you for always understanding Preti's aesthetic concept and trust.

For guests who have bought Preti artworks, 

if they have jewelry that they do not wear for a long time,

Welcome to bring it to the store and the designer for transformation.