Continue of Mother's Love
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L’ Atelier de La Vôtre -- Continue of Mother's Love

This is a diamond ring given to her by her mother.

Thanks to her love for Preti's artistic concept, she commissioned the ring, which had worn with love for years, to be transformed.

Rich the lace design of artistic feeling, let originally concise 4 claw design add elegant temperament.

In order to express her affection for her mother, the birthstone of her mother was embedded in the inner ring.

Mother's love is often introverted but the most temperature. 

Let it be continuing

What we pursue is not only superficial beauty, inner beauty is also important for us.

Bring the design artworks to the friends who have requirements for quality

Parents play a very important role in our lives.

Through jewelry works, make our emotions have a different connection;

Also because of jewelry, can let this love more tightly.